Learning to Fuse Glass

There is little doubt that plenty of old glass is available in the world today, and recycling has given it an opportunity to be turned into something quite different than ever before. Many artists have found their own sources of glass that can be recycled into art, so it has become quite popular to use these pieces in their creations. Whether a person has years of experience or is just learning to fuse glass into art, there is a good supply of raw material to help them make their vision come to life.

Heat is the essential ingredient added to glass to fuse it, so it is important for those working in this medium to understand the safety requirements. Burns from glass can be quite severe, so wearing the proper gloves to keep hands from being damaged is essential. Those who work with larger pieces might also consider wearing heat resistant coveralls to protect other body parts, and keeping the area clear of unnecessary people or objects can help increase safety factors.

While burns are largely considered to be one of the hazards of working with hot glass, cuts can be another safety issue that needs attention. Until the glass is heated to fusion temperature, it can break or shatter. Pieces can fly far and wide when this occurs, so it is important to wear safety goggles. While it might not be imagined that someone would be barefoot while fusing glass, choosing shoes or boots with a thick sole can save the artists from a trip to the hospital for a deep cut on the bottom of a foot.

It might appear to some that safety is not a large issue in many artistic disciplines, but it can make the difference between finishing a piece or being finished by it. Starting any new venture requires a look at how it is done, but doing it safely can make it much more fun.